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At london hearing centre we offer the latest in digital hearing aid technology. Hearing aids have evolved immensely in the last decade with continued advances happening regularly. Analog hearing aids are no longer the norm now that we have advanced digital styles. This change not only makes for a smaller, less noticeable hearing aid but also allows for more sophisticated noise management. We realize your ears are unique so with advanced technology, our audiologists can accurately determine your hearing loss. The correct hearing aid will be determined based on the type and level of hearing loss and ear characteristics along with consideration of your lifestyle and daily needs. Proper electroacoustic hearing aid fitting, based on proven methods and customized for you with periodic adjustments, will help maximize your benefit and comfort. You will also have a trial period with your new hearing aid(s) to ensure it's the right solution for you.

As well, with the growing use of MP3 players and Bluetooth technology, we are able to provide you with custom ear buds and other sound enhancing ear molds. Hearing conservation is important to us and to you, so we also offer custom hearing protection including filtered musician's plugs and in-ear monitors.

At london hearing centre we provide a standard three year manufacturer’s warranty on all hearing aids. We also repair and service all makes, and pride ourselves with offering same day in house repairs. london hearing centre is not affiliated with any one manufacturer, but rather works closely with the major and most respected manufacturers. This enables us to provide independent advice and the most appropriate devices for each individual patient.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) &
MINI Behind-The-Ear (mini BTE)
Absolute Power (RIC AP)
Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)
In-The-Ear (ITE)
In-The-Canal (ITC)
Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)
Tunz Custom Monitors
Ideal for MP3 Players — Tunz in-ear, custom-fit audio monitors provide the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear clarity because they fit perfectly and block out unwanted noise. Available with single or dual drivers.
Tunz Custom Stage Monitors deliver natural, balanced sound with pure, rich tones. These custom-fit monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors. Available with dual or triple drivers.
Tunz In-Ear Headphones
Enjoy rich sound quality with sound-isolating headphones. Perfect for noisier listening environments. Includes three ear-tip sizes — so you can choose the one that's most comfortable for you. Recommend pairing with custom earmolds for maximum comfort and sound.
Tunz Custom Earmolds for Headphones
For use with all of your audio equipment, you can attach these "made just for you" earmolds directly to your existing headphones for a perfect fit every time. And with custom earmolds, your headphones will stay comfortably in place while jogging or at the gym.
Tunz Musicians Filtered Earplugs
Unlike traditional earplugs which distort music by muffling low- and mid-range frequencies, Tunz Musician Filtered Earplugs are designed to protect your hearing, while delivering clear sound across all frequencies — Available with 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB filters.
Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold
Used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and law enforcement agencies, this open, skeleton- or canal-style earmold offers clear and discreet two-way communication.
Pilot Headset Mold
Professional pilots have several choices in headset communications that are compatible with the Pilot Headset mold. The mold features an adjustable boom for microphone positioning. Headset molds are also available in a receiver style without a boom microphone support.
Racing Receiver Mold
Used by motorsports drivers who demand quality communication, the Racing Receiver mold offers maximum comfort and durability while providing excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet.
Stethoscope Adaptor Mold
Customized receiver molds can be fit to nearly any stethoscope for added comfort and enhanced hearing ability in noisy medical environments.

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